Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association


01 December 2014

Community service characterizes the life and value of a Scout. It is the way for a Scout to directly and comprehensively apply the principle “to help other people at all times.” It has to be emphasized, therefore, that any Scout who deserves to be called outstanding should not fall short of this expectation. Above anything else, his distinction in the service he rendered to the community must ultimately define his honor of being an Outstanding Scout.

Introduced in 2005, the TOBSPA Award for Community Service aims to highlight this principle. Needless to say, the award to be given to an Outstanding Scout for his exemplary performance in community service shall provide a living model to all other Scouts.

All the national finalists for the year’s Search for Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines are the eligible candidates for the TOBSPA Award for Community Service. From among their community service initiatives, a shortlist of projects will be identified and would undergo a final screening by a panel of judges composed of representatives from the government service, civic organizations, academe, BSP and TOBSPA. They will be guided by the following criteria:

The recipient of the TOBSPA Award for Community Service is announced during the TOBS Search Awarding Ceremonies. Since the screening process for this Award is independent from the TOBS Search judging process, the recipient may not necessarily be one of the year’s TOBS awardees. In addition, the board of judges has the option not to confer the Award to any of the finalists if the latter fall short of the standards of an exemplary community service project.

Equally important to the recognition of outstanding community service project is giving due honor to exceptional individuals who have dedicated their lives and contributed significantly to the Scouting movement. To accomplish this goal, every year, the TOBSPA Award for Community Service is named after an individual who had created an impact in his community, or had performed his work, through Scouting. By and large, the honor is a recognition of the honoree’s work which demonstrates the very essence of duty to God and country—a service marked with sense of passion and relevance, and unwavering faith in the Scouting Movement as a vehicle to promote constructive social transformation through knowledge and value acquisition, application and transfer. The honoree’s work should be a testimony of heroism through self-giving—a virtue that is most called for as it stands for hope and inspiration in the midst of life’s crises, a compelling proof that the world needs the Scouting Movement to equip men and women of all nations to value life, the dignity of people, by doing a good turn to others, at all cost.

The TOBSPA Award for Community Service has been named after the following individuals:


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